Ecotronics is Leading Fuel Efficient Technologies Through Innovation, Development, Integration,

Testing and Results.

Whether you need help building a custom electric vehicle or just want more efficiency out of daily driver, Ecotronics is here to help you.


We specialize in improving hybrids, plugin hybrids, electric vehicles, and combustion efficiency modifications.



-Technical support and advice for all hybrids and electric vehicle owners.

-Custom & economical solutions for reducing transportation fueling cost. (relieving pain at the pump)

-Configuration & assembling of high voltage lithium battery packs systems.

-Battery services; testing, balancing, charging, reconditioning and cell replacements.

-Custom range extenders for electric vehicles.

-Conversions from hybrid to plugin hybrid.

-Full EV conversions.

-Prototype component integration.

-Expert hybrid & electric vehicle diagnosis repair.

-Component repairs/testing of battery chargers, converters, inverters, battery management systems.

-Transportation efficiency consulting services.

-Installer for HHO hydrogen on demand systems.

-Capacitive corona discharge ignition upgrades.

-Engine PCM Mapping and recalibration.

This Gauge in one of my vehicles maxed out at 99.9 miles per gallon over 512 miles.